8 Tips For Bloggers Who Are Starting A Blog That Matters

8 Tips For Bloggers Who Are Starting A Blog That Matters

Blogging can be such a lucrative way of earning money online.

Many people have since made colossal amounts of money through blogging by turning their website into an online business. You may know some famous bloggers mentioned in the below articles where you can also find out how much they earn through their blogs:

How one website can turn around millions to billions

It is essentially a means of making money that has quite gained popularity in a day and age where influencers are the new popstars.

Blogs are often of different types and vary in terms of the information content. Blogging is based generally on the principle of generating internet traffic to a particular website through ranking it on search engines or making it go viral on social media.

The more traffic a blog generates the more attractive and lucrative it becomes.

Companies would want to advertise on the blog site due to the heavy human traffic. Therefore in order to start a blog that matters and a blog that is able to generate enough income, you need to consider some of the fundamentals to ensure that you get it right the first time.

How to start a blog that matters?

  1. Define the purpose for which you want the blog site to be all about. Purposes for blogging can indeed be very numerous ranging from commercial to non-commercial, informative to non-informative. It is prudent that you define and carefully choose your purpose. It will determine the content of you blog posts and sustainability.
  2. After settling on the purpose for which you are starting the blog, define and choose the topic or area in which you want your blog site to be about. If the purpose for the blog site is commercial for example, choose a topic or an area that is likely to arouse the interest of your targeted audience. There are several topics that are very important to many people; it all depends on taste and preference. A good choice of topic is a guarantee of energy for sustaining blogging. It gives you the right motivation to always deliver the best since it could be an area of specialization or of great interest to you
  3. After deciding the topic or area for which you want to blog about, carry out enough research on it. Research may not necessarily only be for the content to write. You can carry research of comparing related blog sites and see how they have faired, decide what you may do differently to make yours better. To build a reputable blog site, you must always research for credible, accurate and reliable information that would attract as many audiences as possible.
  4. Start slowly but steadily. Write the first few blogs on the topic that you have chosen. This will give you the opportunity to observe how people respond to the blog posts. Be patient enough to understand that the site may not pick immediately. It often takes time.
  5. Collect and review comments and responses of people about your blog post. Many such posts often have the option for response by the audience. Carefully consider the comments that you believe are critical in improving the quality of the blog and its sustainability. Develop new blog posts in which the comments, reactions and views of the audience have been incorporated. Post the topic and see further audience reaction.
  6.  Add relevant keywords and search phrases that people look for via search engines into your text to improve your articles’ ranks. This will expose your content to a wider audience through search, if you answer their questions well.
  7. Gradually and steadily build your audience base by consistently and continuously engaging them through their views, responses, criticism and more research. This way, you will establish yourself well in the minds of the audience.
  8. Once a sizable audience base has been established, always strive to maintain them through more creativity, credible and accurate blog post that would keep them want some more.

If you follow the above eight steps, you can be sure to establish a blog that matters indeed. Besides, reputable companies that would opt to advertise with your blog would further build the credibility of the blog post.

Some businesses may also like your content so much that they ask you to craft blog articles for their business blogs.

There is much more to blogging and earning online

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