How to Break the Cycle of Tooth Decay

How to Break the Cycle of Tooth Decay

Does it seem that, despite proper care and brushing, your child always requires a tooth to be filled? Are you a victim? Then its time to think of General Dentistry. This is the branch of dentistry that teaches how to care for teeth, prevent loss, decay and stop cavities. Its good to recognise that, often, our lifestyle is what poses a risk to our dental health. In order to combat this, its important to learn how the tooth-decay cycle works. Heres what we should know:

Two conditions are usually instrumental incausing tooth decay. One is the presence of bacteria in the mouth. We need to practise good oral hygiene. Mouth-rinsing is such a measure. The second problem is the consumption of sugary diet. These include sugars, sodas and candies. Carbohydrates work with bacteria to form acids, resulting in cavity. Its wise to reduce or eliminate these foods in our diet. Its advisable to use artificial sweeteners than natural sugars. Regular visits to the doctor, preferably every 3 months helps. Its practical to brush the teeth twice a day. One clear sign for developing cavity is the presence of white spots in the tooth, indicating loss of minerals.

A key way to prevent, stop or reverse tooth decay is the use of fluoride. It works by preventing mineral loss in the enamel thus reducing the ability of bacteria to form acids. We can easily get fluoride in this way:

  • Brush your teeth with fluoride-containing tooth-paste.
  • Use prescribed fluoride tablets.
  • Drink fluoridated water from the public supply.
  • Rinse your mouth with fluoride.

Additionally, we can effectively use dental salients: these are thin, plastic coatings that get fixed onto the chewing surfaces of the molars.They block the grooves from hiding bacteria.


Tooth decay and loss can be a highly exasperating experience in your life.Its much wiser to prevent it from occurring. Take practical precautions by choosing the right diet, caring for the teeth and getting a regular dental check-up. As the proverbial saying goes, knowledge is power. Get a top London dentist to help you deal with such issues in the family. To access more information, kindly visithttp/

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