How to Fit Manchester in Your Student Budget?

How to Fit Manchester in Your Student Budget?

Manchester is one of the most vibrant cities of the United Kingdom and is preferred by students and visitors alike! Here, you will find people from cultures across the world, bringing their unique touch to this British city. You will be able to experience UK culture in the multitude of languages spoken, in the variety of restaurants and departmental stores catering to different cuisines, and in the multitude of festivals celebrated in Manchester. For all the visitors or students looking to save their precious pounds when living in the city, there are a few key factors; including fit Manchester in student budget, public transport, and where you buy your groceries; that can help you save a considerable amount every year!

Find the Right Student Accommodation in Manchester

Find the Right Student Accommodation in ManchesterManchester is home to a considerable student population, being home to many important universities and colleges. This means that you will not find any dearth of good accommodation; from hostels, apartments, dormitories to student halls in Manchester. The right place will offer you good rates on the rent, include all your bills in the rent, save you money on the commute by providing excellent location and ensuring that you have everything that you need in your everyday life, within comfortable walking distance.

Shop At The Right Places

Shop At The Right PlacesWhether you are shopping for seasonal clothes, gadgets, or your weekly groceries, knowing where to shop can save you a lot of money. If you are new to the country or the city, it might take you a while before you learn these hacks. That is why it is time to bring out your notepads and write down the names of Iceland and Asda when going grocery shopping, Currys PC World for all your gadget shopping, and Primark and New Look for all your budget-friendly fashion fixes! You can also avail of student discounts and offers at many of these places!

Travel More Affordably

Travel More AffordablyWhen living in Manchester, or for that matter anywhere in the UK, you will realize that public transport is the preferred mode of transport. That is why, when you travel by bus or train, it is important to know that being a student, you are eligible for plenty of discounts. In fact, you can avail around 30% off on your rail travel throughout the United Kingdom if you get your student discount card made. Also, many bus networks offer special student discounts, allowing students to travel at lower-than-normal rates. And if you’re after an affordable travel adventure give camping a go.

Eat Out For The Best Price

Eat Out For The Best PriceAlthough all good student accommodation in Manchester does provide a place where students can cook for themselves, inevitably, there will be times when you will want to or need to eat out. For all those times, it is important to know where to eat and how to eat without breaking your bank. Manchester is known as the Curry City, thanks to the abundance of curry places here. This means that you will always be able to find an affordable place to eat to your heart’s content. If you are totally broke, look for a Sikh temple near your Manchester student accommodation. There are half a dozen in Manchester itself! All of these places offer free vegetarian meals (as much as you can eat!) to any and everyone!

Shop Less!

Shop LessAlthough it might seem like a very straightforward way of saving money; the less you spend, the more you have, but we have included this for multiple reasons! During your student life, you might end up moving from one place to the next. Hiring a moving company can leave a serious dent in your bank account. That is why it is important to find a place which comes already fitted and furnished so that you do not end up accumulating all the stuff over the span of your studies. Getting rid of this stuff at the end of your degree can also prove to be a big headache!

Second-Hand Book Stores are Your Best Friend

Second-Hand Book Stores are Your Best FriendAs a UK student, you will soon realize that buying fresh books from a store is not the usual way of collecting your syllabus books. The preferred way is to get them from a senior who is selling the whole bunch at a fraction of the actual price. You can find these seniors on your university’s Facebook pages or even on campus. Alternatively, you can buy second-hand books at pop-up stores or even actual bookstores. If you do not want to do any of that, you can simply borrow the required book from the library and you are good to go!

Now that you have been equipped with all the hacks that you will need for your uni life in Manchester, we hope that you are able to save a lot of money which you can then splurge on having the best time of your life! Manchester packs everything from excellent nightlife to great places to see and explore. The city also has great transport links to the rest of the country, allowing you to travel to your heart’s content. You can do all of this, and much more, with the extra money that you have in your pocket!

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