How Can you Get Your AOL Account Back?

How Can you Get Your AOL Account Back?

One of the popular webmail that is running on the internet is AOL mail. Every day millions of internet users are creating an account in it. It is an email offered by an American telecommunication company, AOL Inc. this is a subsidiary version of Verizon. But, it is quite common that the users forget AOL password.

This article will help you get your account back if you have forgotten your password. If you want to know how to reset AOL mail password then you should definitely follow this.

get back your aol account

What are the steps needed to reset AOL password?

  • Firstly, you will have to login in the page.

  • Then, you have to tap on select login/sign-in account.

  • Type the email address that you always open with.

  • Click on the link that you have got to forget the password.

  • After clicking on the link, you can enter the AOL email username.

  • Then enter the phone number that your email account is associated with.

  • On the phone number, you will receive a code that you can use to reset your password.

  • On entering the code that is needed to reset the password for your account, you can click to continue.

  • You can then follow the instructions that come one after other to create your new password.

  • To confirm the password re-enter it.

After all these steps if you find it difficult to get a new password or reset it, you can always take the help of customer care.

What are the features of AOL Mail?

There are various features that remind of the talented creators who would have spent their years in designing AOL mail. It has an email attachment limit up to 25 MB. The mailbox size can expand to 1000 new messages, 4,000 sent messages and 4,000 old messages. The supported protocols associated with AOL are SMTP, POP3 and IMAP. You can link to other email accounts like Hotmail and Gmail using AOL mail. You get spam protection, spell checking and virus protection.

An AOL mail is highly professional in its embodiment. If you do not operate it consecutively for 90 days, then apparently, AOL account gets deactivated automatically. And after 180 days, the account gets permanently deleted from the AOL site.

What are the advantages of using AOL Mail?

The advantages are limited to two sets of facts which are quite simple.

Personalized accounts

Every user wants to get an email address containing the biological name that he has got from his or her parents. So, AOL mail is an excellent server in providing that personal emotion to a user when he needs it. And people remember their name with all gladness and would not get through if provided any other in that case.

Webmail AOL

Fewer rules

In governing the chat rooms or bulletin boards, AOL has fewer governing policies and less interference. This is the reason people use this mail rampantly. They have lent a trust in this space and do not visit other websites for this reason.

Does AOL exist still in 2019?

American Online (AOL) is known for its popularity. It is a purchased Time Warner that has created history for its merge in the United States. But, after a rapid declination, Tim Armstrong made sure that AOL reaches its destined heights of success in no time. So, AOL exists today and is all famous for its broadband feature.

This piece of information, how to reset AOL Mail password, you can get this sorted at its first place. You do not have to panic as these are ready steps to be formulated.

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