How To Utilize Corner Wardrobes Effectively

How To Utilize Corner Wardrobes Effectively

Wardrobes are a must have item in the house. They make your clothing items have an orderly arrangement which in turn makes it easier for you to locate them wherever you need to dress up. Corner wardrobes are best used when the room is already fitted with other furniture fittings and you do not want to create a cluttered impression. They are best used by busy people who often access their wardrobes to change for different occasions. Since they are located at the corner, it is good to ensure other fittings in the room complement this wardrobe in terms of color and materials used to build it.

Corner wardrobes also incorporate an intelligent use of space. Even though other fittings included in larger wardrobes like stool, dressing mirror and shoe rack may still be found in a corner wardrobe, all these should not consume a whole lot of space and create and awkward look in the room. Here are points to remember when installing a corner wardrobe go so that you can utilize them effectively;

  • Ensure there is proper lighting; a room’s corner may tend to be darker than other areas. Coupled with the confines of a closed wardrobe, it might be very difficult to find what you want during the night or in a cloudy day. You might want to include a lighting system in your corner wardrobe so that you even have a clearer view when looking at yourself in the dressing mirror.
  • Make it close to a window; clothes tend to be dump when stored for long periods of time without the proper amount of air circulations. That is whywhen your corner wardrobe is close to a window it ensures proper ventilation to avoid creating a dump atmosphere and keeping your clothes stay fresh.

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